Review: Cutting Teeth by Julia Fierro

Julie Fierro’s Cutting Teeth is a messy book in the best possible way. Like the time of life it so accurately and lovingly depicts, it is a wet story. The pages drip with tears, spit, snot, blood, wine, beer, the salty waters of Long Island Sound and the juices of sex that create those littleContinue reading “Review: Cutting Teeth by Julia Fierro”

Review: Novel Novelists in Bryant Park

  Bryant Park is kind of a magical place. In the heart of the “city that never sleeps” it’s a place where the city can at least slow down a little to catch it’s breath. That’s how I started my Wednesday this week with a walking meditation guided by Qalvy Grainzvolt from the Shinnyo CenterContinue reading “Review: Novel Novelists in Bryant Park”