It Doesn’t Matter Anymore – Part 2

The least interesting man in the world: I don’t always write poetry, but when I do I am usually inspired by impressions and feelings, rather than incidents. I let my mind go soft in the face of overwhelming forces like love or nature, then search for words to capture the resultant swirling phantoms. There isContinue reading “It Doesn’t Matter Anymore – Part 2”

It Doesn’t Matter Anymore

It doesn’t matter anymoreWhy it was done, or howBright red is splattered everywhereMixed with chunks of flesh and boozeEventually it goes down the drainAnd gets washed out to sea It doesn’t matter anymoreThe deed cannot be undoneThe memory cannot be forgotThere’s only so much tears can wash away Angry voices yell and tellWho to blameContinue reading “It Doesn’t Matter Anymore”