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  • Phyllis Sachs (1930 – 2017) "Lev Tov"

    A teacher said to his five students: Go out and see which is a good path for a person to attach himself to. The first said “Ayin Tovah” (a good eye). The second said “Chaver Tov” (a good friend). The third said “Shachen Tov” (a good neighbor). The fourth said “One who foresees the outcome (of his actions).” The fifth, […]

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  • Summertime

    Edwin Dubose Heyward wrote the novel Porgy in 1925. It’s the story of a crippled beggar living in the slums of Charleston, South Carolina. It’s been called “the first major southern novel to portray blacks without condescension.” Dubose Heyward’s wife Dorothy began working on a stage version of the novel and the play Porgy opened […]

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  • They Can’t Take That Away From Me – Mike’s Musical Monday

    I wrote this song in 2010 while I was with Late Model Humans but I never recorded it with the band. I swiped a little of Ira Gershwin‘s lyrics (in red below) from the song of the same title that he wrote with his brother George. The world is filled with burning towersBroken hearts and […]

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