2015/2016 – The Old Man & The Baby

Father Time is growing old and Baby New Year is a drain on his energy. Father Time loves his baby notwithstanding. The old man has seen a lot. Too much. He’s seen more than he ever wanted to see. He’ll find sweet relief in the act of closing his eyes forever. The baby is ignorantContinue reading “2015/2016 – The Old Man & The Baby”

Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions for 2015 [Unredacted version]

10.    Say goodbye to people who use, abuse, ignore, waterboard, or otherwise break your heart. 09.    Say hello to my little friend. No, littler. And friendlier. 08.    Don’t post, tweet, or text in anger, lust, drunkenness, or any of the other deadly sins.                             a. gluttony Continue reading “Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions for 2015 [Unredacted version]”