Indie Rock News

Here’s a new review of my album from UK site Indie Rock News:

Mike Power is an indie folk singer-songwriter from New York who has just released his new album, Compulsions. This is a relaxing album that will take you on a journey through US based culture, with classic sounds and soft rock. It’s the perfect soundtrack for any relaxing activity–like reading a book or taking a walk in the park.

He has composed and recorded 8 new original songs for the album, and they have been mixed and mastered at Vinegar Hill Sound in Brooklyn. Compulsions is an album produced by Reed Black that features Julie Rozansky on bass, Chris DeRosa on drums, and Luke Cissell on violin. You can get a copy wherever you get your music fix.

The album is full of soft rock instrumentals and classic folk sounds that will make you feel like you’re sitting in a pub somewhere in England. The songs are relaxing and easy to listen to, but they also have a touch of rock that gives them some edge.

My favorite song from this album is ”Day Drinking”. Its so calm and it reminds me of early Bob Dylan. It’s perfect for one of my morning jogging’s. The instrumentals are spot on, perfectly played. The production is also really good!

If you’re looking for something new to listen to, check out Mike Power’s new album!

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