A Charming Journey

Today’s review of my new album comes from the kind pen of Gabriel Mazza at YMX Group.

Emerging from New York, Mike Power is the latest in a series of talented American storytellers, building delicate and melodious lyrical content over a simple yet nuanced instrumental. For Power, lyrics are relatable matter: sharing introspective takes on the human experience, Mike aims to draw the listeners into his own artistic world, made up of acoustic guitars, mellow drums and friendly vocals. 

Debuting in 2020, Mike Power made good use of the pandemic, working on original materials and rallying a small band around him. Julie Rozansky, Chris DeRosa and Luke Cissell joined him in the endeavour, resulting in the project’s debut album ‘Observations’. 

While remaining silent for the whole of last year, the New York-based ensemble returned earlier this year, crowning it all with a recently released long-length record. ‘Compulsions’ is Power’s artistic manifesto: in it, the listener will find all the elements that greatly characterize the project. From the intimate and soothing gem ‘Let The River Flow’ and ‘Anything But Love’, to the more upbeat and bubbly ‘Like Addicts’ and ‘Day Drinking’, the record feels like a charming journey into inspired songwriting. 

But perhaps the best thing about ‘Compulsions’ is the way it connects us with other people. When we listen to it, we can feel a deep connection to the musicians who created it. We can hear the emotion and passion in their playing, and it can be incredibly inspiring. 

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