An Irresistible Album

“Compulsions” an irresistible album, created by Mike Power. A review by Amanda Costa at Music For All.

Savor the incredible tones that Mike Power ‘s Compulsions album paints, to your delight and fascination in 8 songs endowed with mastery and splendor, with contributions from Reed Black on production, Luke Cissell on violin, Julie Rozansky on bass and Chris DeRosa on drums.

A fun sound journey is presented in these tones, where we can have our hearts filled with the most varied emotions and instrumental techniques, with verses that tell us interesting plots to be accompanied with satisfaction.

We will travel through soft melodies like countryside landscapes in spring, others more intense like taking the road towards the city of desires, or even a peaceful day at home, they are diverse and irresistible.

Starting the journey with “ The Crack Of Dawn ”, and it is difficult to find an introduction that is so pleasant to follow, because, through the chords of the guitar, we are taken to the most intoxicating feelings that we once forgot in our chest.

We can play through the modeled fields of imagination in “ The Light In Your Eyes ”, a sweet melody that captivates perception and awakens simple smiles in the minds of the unwary who will press play, but did not expect such sound beauty.

So many colors warm our soul, and we can glimpse more beauties in:

 “ Let The River Flow ”, “ I Like You ”, “ Like All Addicts ”, “ Day Drinking ”, “ The Untrained Eye ”, and “ Anything But Love ”.

“ Compulsions ” a fabulous album that entertains us and stirs emotions to shine within our hearts.

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