Compulsions 8 – Anything But Love

“The impression that you made was too deep to be mistaken for anything but love.”

When I first started talking with Reed about producing this album he asked me for something to use as a reference. I gave him two: Hunky Dory by David Bowie and Electric Warrior by T. Rex. I think this song, more than any of the others, captures that.

This song is like a lot of mine in that the title suggests it is a cynical lyric, when in reality it is a tender love song. I had planned to end the album with “The Light In Your Eyes” until I wrote this one and thought it would make a more suitable conclusion to the collection.

During the pandemic lockdown I spent a lot of time visiting the YouTube pages of guitar teachers, taking their lessons, and learning from their expertise. I was messing around with some finger-picking exercises that grew into this song.

Julie’s vocals on this track take it to another level for me. Her bass and Chris’s drums lock in on the choruses here, giving the song just the right amount of punch. This is the only song on the album that doesn’t have an acoustic guitar on it and the only one that has no overdubs other than vocals. The music was all recorded live in the studio and it captures a certain energy because of that. I thought it would be nice, since the album starts with an instrumental track, to end it with a naked vocal line that has no instruments to hide behind.

It was a long time ago
So long ago that I don't trust the memory
But the impression that you made was too deep
To be mistaken for...

Anything but love
Anything but love
Anything but love

It was a time before we knew
All the demands that time was going to make
It was a time when we believed
We believed we didn't need...

Anything but love
Anything but love
Anything but love

Sometimes I still hear it
The crack of dawn inside your voice
And every time it takes me back
Before I was a fool for anything but love

Time comes and time goes
Time rushes on until time runs out
When time tears us apart I know
I won't remember...

Anything but love
Anything but love
Anything but love
Anything but love

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