Compulsions 2 – Let The River Flow

“When you were a lake in the clouds I dove right in”

Taoist philosophy encourages harmony with nature, illuminating a path that exists in the universe and flows through each of us. Lao Tsu, the founder of Taoism, said, “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

The path isn’t just a direction, it is also the time that it takes you to walk it. Time has a flow and so does love. This is love song.

Luke Cissell arranged and played the strings on this song, as well as another on this album. His work took this song from the acoustic bones that flow from the opening instrumental track, and lifted it to a comfortable perch where you can sit to watch the river flow.

When you were raindrops
I felt you rolling on my skin
When you were a lake in the clouds
I dove right in

Let the river flow

And when you step over the line
You are a waterfall

Let the river flow

When you were an ocean
I thought I would drown
Any time that you want to melt
Don't you know I'll follow you down

Let the river flow

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