I went out for a walk

I went out for a walk and thought
about a lot of
things including you
and how my crooked 
steps criss-crossed with yours

I also thought about the cruel
tricks that time can play
and how our expectations can get
drowned in monotony

I thought about the way that death
outsmarts medicine
and the way that love
in kind
outsmarts even death

I walked across a field where I
used to throw a ball and felt
underneath my feet
a larger ball that circled around
one larger still

I walked past a library where
I once found a book that had
a map that showed the path between
childhood and old age

I walked across a bridge and saw
the cars pass underneath
and inside each one
one heart at least

I listened to the birds until
I almost understood
what they were trying to tell me about
you, and death, and love

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