The Adirondack Park contains 30,000 miles of rivers and streams. Laid end to end, they would circle the Earth at its equator with thousands of miles to spare. A few days ago I found myself floating in one of them.

It is a good place to let the water have its way with you. Or to cling to a rock and feel the water swirl around every contour of your body. And to be the place where water pools and the well fills up again after the drought.

This is the place for the other part of you. The part that doesn’t struggle. The part that doesn’t think. The part that can hear the brush of breeze against leaf.

There are things that can be learned, nestled in the arms of the mountains, that cannot be learned in other places. The clouds come close to share their stories of the history of storms. The wind waves at you from the tops of the trees. The wildflowers say, “It is OK to grow, wherever you want, however you want, as colorfully as you like.

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