The Secret of Love

It was too hot today to go outside. Inside is not a lot better. It seemed like a good day to record a song. I wrote this one a couple of weeks ago and liked it enough to get a quick sketch of it down for future reference. I doubt that I will include it on my next album, so this is probably as polished as it’s going to get.

If you want to find the secret of love, all I can tell you is you have to look hard. And you have to look in unexpected places. You never know where or when it could turn up. It might even be looking for the secret of you.

Let's get lost in the softness
Of making one out of two
Never let me recover
From falling in love with you

Let's go below the undertow
See how long it takes to grow gills
We'll only rise with the rising tide
When the waves are standing still

We will find the secret of love
Hiding in plain sight
We will find the secret of love
That makes everything alright

We'll build a home where we can be alone
Beyond the reach and ravage of time
We'll listen to whales and fairy tales
And watch the universe unwind

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