The Wall

There is a wall between us. You didn’t build it and neither did I. The wall is ancient, embedded in a foundation of bedrock. Its age is a point of veneration to those who feel safest when they are hiding behind it but its age is also its greatest vulnerability.

I would take a sledgehammer to the wall and smash it to pieces if I could but that is not the way things work. Instead, I look for loose bricks and push and pull them until I create an opening to the other side. I see you in those places and you see me. We expand the holes more efficiently and effectively when we work at it from both sides.

Here is the dream: one day we will create enough holes to see each other clearly. Then, if we wield our greatest weapons – love and music – we might find that perfect note whose vibration will reduce this wall to ruins.

Published by mikepowernyc

New album "Observations" available now. A veteran of NYC’s underground music scene, Mike Power played on the stages of such beloved lost venues as CBGB’s and Kenny’s Castaways, as well as stalwart surviving ones like Arlene’s Grocery and the Bitter End as singer/songwriter/bassist with Late Model Humans. In 2020, quarantining from the global pandemic he worked remotely with other artists to record a collection of new music called Observations, that infuses his punk roots with introspective acoustic pieces.

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