Plague Diary – Day 299

Total confirmed cases in US: 21,901,084

Today is December 40, 2020. When I ended my plague diary on May 9, the US had just passed the million case mark. We now have twice as many cases as any other country on Earth. More people are dying each day in America than were killed on September 11, 2001 and the plague is not even the top news story because on January 6, 2021 we suffered the greatest terrorist attack on our country since 9/11.

The failures are massive. The plagues are running rampant – not just Covid-19 but right wing terrorists are attacking our country with the assistance of Republicans in our Congress, by our law enforcement agencies, and by our president. A Big Lie has taken root with millions of Americans – angry and looking for scapegoats – that the election of 2020 was plagued by massive voter fraud. It was not.

The lack of evidence of voter fraud and the rejection of baseless lawsuits by judges across the political spectrum does not matter to people who want vindication for their bigotry. The real evidence that does exist – of catastrophic global climate change, of police brutality against black Americans, and of the devastation of covid-19 itself – is considered “fake news.”

Hope – that thing with feathers – is getting harder and harder to find.

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