In light of the attack by right wing terrorists yesterday, Americans need to stop spreading lies that are feeding this delusional mob and damaging our republic.

These lies can no longer be tolerated by any who consider themselves patriotic Americans:

1. Donald Trump won the 2020 election 
2. There is massive voter fraud in America 
3. Police brutality is not a problem in America 
4. Institutional racism does not exist in America 
5. Barack Obama was not born in America 
6. Hillary Clinton had people killed 
7. Antifa were behind the January 6 terrorist attack on the Capitol 
8. Climate change is a hoax 
9. The pandemic is a hoax 
10. The vaccine contains a tracking microchip 
11. There is a cabal of pedophiles run by George Soros, Democrats, and Hollywood liberals 

And the mother of them all: 
12. The right wing is more patriotic than the left wing
 I’ll be worn, I’ll be torn
 I’ll be lounging on my lawn
 When the coming insurrection comes to get me
 I’ll be at peace, be at ease
 I’ll be in my stocking feet
 When the coming insurrection comes to get me
 A rebel in my youth, always searching for the truth
 Lashing out at the world around me
 Now it’s Insurrection
 I see Insurrection
 There’ll be Insurrection all around me
 I’ll be sweet, I’ll be complete
 I’ll be watching my TV
 When the coming insurrection comes to get me
 I won’t be mad, won’t be sad
 I just pray I don’t get had
 When the coming insurrection comes to get me
 Now in middle age
 I can see through all the rage
 I pray for all the world around me 

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