Thirty Eight


At some point in my childhood I realized that if my life had an average length I would live to see the 21st Century and doing the simple math I realized that I would enter the new century in my 38th year. From my perspective at that age, 38 sounded pretty old, but from where I stand now it sounds wonderful.

According to the United Nations global estimate, the average human life expectancy today across all countries is 72 years. That is more than any individual country’s average in 1950. In the US today, the average life expectancy is 78 years, so 38 is right near the middle point of life.

The first 19 years of life are spent under the wings of parental figures, growing from infant to child to young adult.

The next 19 years are the ones where you put the knowledge and experience you’ve gained up to that point to their practical purpose, to become an independent individual.

During the next 19, it might be your wings that others find themselves growing under. Welcome to the second half of life, 38.

If this is my final public remembrance of the day, it will not be because I forget. As the seasons that are left to me roll around to this point I will always stop to think about the paths not taken, and the fortunes forsaken. Fare well, 38.

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  1. How awesome is it that we thought to write about life in regards to age at around the same time? I too am coming to terms with having passed the average halfway mark in life. Here’s to a great life no matter how old we are!

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