The Sun and the Moon


I caught the sun peering when it
thought I wasn’t looking
I’m not sure but I thought I saw the
glimmer of a smile

All suns explode, that’s natural,
That’s how they end
But every time it still comes as a shock
Explosions of that kind knock
everything off their course
Gravity and entropy stop to compare notes
then shrug and say, “Einstein was probably right.”

The light of the sun – once it implodes –
into a white dwarf – would be about the same as
the light of the full moon

The moon doesn’t need competition
The moon doesn’t need to be reminded
that her light is just a reflection
that she’s dry and cold and rocky
or that her unique gravitational pull makes our
waters rise and fall

It feels like each time the sun sets
he tells the other side of the world how much
he prefers them
and how he would just as soon not rise again
on this side of the globe

The moon, from out of nowhere,
every once in a while
races across the sky
to show us she is closer, and also able
to blot that lucky old sun from the sky


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