Day 47

Day 47 – Total confirmed cases in US: 1,070,032


I turned the calendar to May this morning and saw something unexpected: there is nothing listed for the whole month. That never happened in the beforetime.

20 years from now, people are going to remember the last month as a mythical time. This will be seen as the first time the world shut down, the first hint of a coming age. It will take a few more shutdowns before humans, especially older ones, will come to understand that a new way of living is not just preferable; if we want to survive on this planet, it is inevitable.

We have had warnings for several years: the financial collapse and bailout of capitalism by socialism in 2008; the once-in-a-century superstorms that hit every few years; the burning of California, Australia, and the Amazon; the ascension of unfit autocrats to leadership positions across the globe; and now, the worst global pandemic in a century.

This time will be remembered as a turning point in human civilization. Which way we turn is completely up to us.




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