Day 23

Day 23 – Total confirmed cases in US: 368,449

Things I saw and heard yesterday,
Between the time the sun came up and went down:

A couple wearing surgical masks pushing a toddler on a tricycle
Ray Charles blasting through a moon roof
Day drinking as an Olympic event
Bugs and tow-trucks and a swinging bridge
The skin of the woman who saves my life every day
A taste of the only good salty drink
Planks of wood baking in the sun
A flyswatter with a heart of gold
Trains whose whistles never stop blowing
Rocks under water, just peeking through
Sunlight twinkling on the water like it doesn’t know anything is wrong
The seven o’clock scream
Finding a good rhythm for a bad reason
Feeling the compassion of a flower in a shadow
Watching death roll smoothly on

like it doesn’t know anything is wrong

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