Day 15

Day 15 – Total confirmed cases in US: 143,055

Heading into the third week of sequestered existence in NYC and the situation gets worse every day. I’m lucky. I don’t have to see the devastation the way nurses, doctors, and EMTs do. I’m safe. I haven’t left my building in 2 weeks, so the chances of me contracting the virus is low. Still, there is a sickness in my heart from knowing the horseman of the pestilence is on the move.

I try not to pay too much attention to the news but it’s tough to ignore what is happening to our city, our country, and our world. In an attempt to distract myself I have been learning a new finger-picking technique on guitar. It’s called Travis picking, after Merle Travis.

merle travis
Merle Travis

I wrote this song on Thursday while fiddling around with some of Merle’s technique, and recorded it over the weekend. It’s called I Belong With You. Welcome to Mike’s Musical Monday in the age of pestilence.

Like a man on the run
knows when his time is done
And a key in a lock
knows it doesn’t have to talk
And a crowd on their feet
knows that victory is sweet

That’s the way
I know I belong with you

Like the day knows the night
will make everything alright

And the night knows the day
will put everything back in place
And the years keep your score
until there are no more

That’s the way
I know I belong with you

I belong, I belong, I belong with you

Like a poorly-chosen word
cannot be unheard
And a lover in a dream
cannot be unseen
And my love for just one
cannot be undone

That’s the way
I know I belong with you

I belong, I belong, I belong with you

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