Day 7

Day 7 – Total confirmed cases in US: 26,747

The numbers have septupled in less than a week.

The opportunity to “flatten the curve” has passed and we won’t know for a while how successful our social distancing has been.

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Welcome to the first weekend without restaurants, bars, theaters, and zoos.

In keeping with our need to do our socializing without society, I’d like to raise a virtual pint…


…to my fellow shut-ins; to those keeping love alive with phones and Facetime, and sexuality alive by any means necessary; to those who are using this sequester to heal a wound or learn an instrument, especially if that instrument is their heart; to those who are losing their jobs and their health; to those who will not survive this plague; and to those surviving on love and dreams of better days.

It is my good fortune to have the best that can be hoped for in times like these: a sequester-buddy to ride this out with, somebody who would share my disease, someone whose disease I would share.

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