Threes and Sevens are Magic Numbers



There is something beautiful and mysterious about the number three. To the ancient Greeks, 1 stood for unity and 2 for chaos. The combination of the two – the numeral 3 – stood for harmony. In the Christian church, God is a trinity – the father, son, and Holy Spirit – and Jesus spent three days in the tomb before his resurrection. Other civilizations also divided their divinity in threes. For the Egyptians they were Osiris, Isis, and Horus. To the Greeks it was Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. The magical properties of our third number is universally recognized.


Seven is the only other number that can rival the magic of three. We divide our week into seven days, and the notes of a musical scale, almost infinite in variation of pitch, are divided into sevens, with every eighth note repeating as an octave. To those who find a path to enlightenment through meditation there are seven human chakras, corresponding to the 7 colors of the rainbow represented in the anagram ROYGBIV, and to the body parts that align in the lotus position, from the root to the crown. When I meditate today, I will be thinking of your inspiration.

These two numbers have an almost sacred power. In combination, their force is multiplied. To anyone entering one of those most special ages, turning 37 or 73, I hope you have the most magical year of your life.

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