The name for that cohesive force

Scientists tell us that,
without the presence of the cohesive force amongst the atoms that comprise this globe of ours,
it would crumble to pieces and we would cease to exist;
and even as there is cohesive force in blind matter,
so must there be in all things animate,
and the name for that cohesive force among animate beings is Love.


Mohandas Gandhi, 1920


Published by mikepowernyc

New album "Observations" available now. A veteran of NYC’s underground music scene, Mike Power played on the stages of such beloved lost venues as CBGB’s and Kenny’s Castaways, as well as stalwart surviving ones like Arlene’s Grocery and the Bitter End as singer/songwriter/bassist with Late Model Humans. In 2020, quarantining from the global pandemic he worked remotely with other artists to record a collection of new music called Observations, that infuses his punk roots with introspective acoustic pieces.

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