So my wife left me today…and other songs

So my wife left me today (and who can blame her?). She says she’ll be back in a couple of weeks but in this crazy world who knows what might happen over the course of three or four hundred hours?
It’s been more than 30 years since we spent sixteen nights sleeping apart.

I spend more time alone than most people do. There are times when it’s good to hold the human race at arm’s length. There are things I like about people, like music, but there are other things that aren’t musical or lyrical or beautiful. Lately, my time alone has found a new level of silence; the only time I listen to music is when I’m creating it.


And it seems like there is still so much to create. A just society, for one thing. And always another song, another drawing, another whatever this is…
I guess it’s like they say: when the cat’s away, the mice eat a lot a cheese.
A lot of cheese.
Like so many things in life, you really need to pace yourself with cheese consumption, and this is just the first day.

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