So Long

So long to friends wild and weird
And to desperate antics and pleas
So long to waking up in strange places
With our pants around our knees
So long to visionary realms
To mirrors that live in the clouds
To laughing at suckers who work for a living
And know how to blend in a crowd

So long to friends crazy and cramped
To listening to the voices in our heads
To hiding our shame and our pride and our lust
To denying the words that we said
So long to living on crackers and beer
So long to the hopelessly strange
So long to lying and stealing and worse
So long to the chance to change

So long to friends dead or near death
And to those friends who might as well be
So long to sleeping three-to-a-bed
And waking up under the sea
So long to hoping, to shining, to loving the love
That rips bones from the soul
So long to believing the seductive words of
Friends spinning out of control
So long to friends ruined and wrecked
And worse, friends who’ve found peace of mind
So long to friends who’ve gone on ahead
And all who have fallen behind

So long to the future
So long to the past
So long to this strange in-between
So long to pretending
We can’t see the ending
And everything else that we’ve seen

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