New York City

I wrote this song when I had only lived in New York City for a couple of years. I was already deeply in love with the place. I’ll be performing it this Friday, July 15 during my 8PM set at Exile Above 2A on the corner of 2nd Street and Avenue A in Manhattan. The recording in the video is from the first band I was in that used the name Late Model Humans: I’m playing bass and acoustic guitar and singing lead, Martin Hill and Chris Park are playing electric guitars, Todd Elder is on drums, backing vocals include Carla Lother and Valerie Feuer. Chris is playing violin. I don’t remember who played the organ.

The only place I’ve found
Where I can wear love like a crown
Is never going to let me down
Like every other ordinary town

New York City

Lying on your bedroom floor
Or with flowers at your door
If I still need something more
It’s not as bad now as it was before

New York City

The sun sets on the other side
Of a thin wall that divides
Where we are from where we hide
And where we always end up back inside

New York City

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