I Savor The Pain You Cause Me – Lullabye

You woke up something slumbering peacefully inside me

Something powerful

Something beautiful

Something painful

Now there’s no way to put it back to sleep

To knock it out

To get it drunk and take advantage of it

It has me and it will not let go

Constantly clenched

Waiting for the final blow

Just an agonizing matter of time before the knockout punch lands

There’s just one favor I’d like to ask

Before my world crumbles to rubble at my feet

Tell me a good-night story

Or, better yet, sing me a lullaby

Or sing me a dirge if you’ve got the urge

But let me hear the sound of warm air

Rising from your lungs

Passing across your larynx

Riding the breeze

Tickling my eardrum

One last time

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