The Gift – A Dialogue

I have a little something for you.

Ooh, what is it?
My love.
Oh. You shouldn’t have.
It’s nothing much, but it’s from the heart.
I don’t know…
You don’t like the color.
I’m just not sure if it’s really me.
Well, try it on.
OK. There. Yeah, it’s a little big.
That’s OK, we can take it in.
It’s not just that. It’s not really my style.
Yeah, I can see that.
I’m sure on the right person it would be flattering.
But that person’s not you.
No, it’s fine. There’s a gift receipt in the box. You should exchange it for something you’d like better.
I will, thanks.
Merry Christmas anyway.
You know I’m Jewish.
Right. Happy Hanukkah.
That ended last week.
Well, Happy New Year then. See in 2016.
Not if I see you first.
I said, next time maybe try a gift card. 

Published by mikepowernyc

New album "Observations" available now. A veteran of NYC’s underground music scene, Mike Power played on the stages of such beloved lost venues as CBGB’s and Kenny’s Castaways, as well as stalwart surviving ones like Arlene’s Grocery and the Bitter End as singer/songwriter/bassist with Late Model Humans. In 2020, quarantining from the global pandemic he worked remotely with other artists to record a collection of new music called Observations, that infuses his punk roots with introspective acoustic pieces.

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