20 Questions

Let’s play twenty questions:

  1. On your way to work do you ever stop and wonder if you’ve gone the wrong way?
  2. If you got off at the wrong stop?
  3. If you took the wrong exit?
  4. If it’s too late to go back?
  5. If it’s too late to go forward?

  6. Do you ever think about the number that will be your final age?
  7. Or about what will finally do you down?
  8. About the last sound you’ll hear?
  9. The last face you’ll see?
10. The last lips you’ll taste?

11. Do you ever think about me?

12. Who are the people who get to breathe the sweet air that surrounds you?
13. Who are the ones you turn to when your well runs dry?
14. Do they fill your cup?
15. Is the sky always blue around you?
16. Are the clouds frightened away by your sunny eyes or your windy smile?

17. Does the earth soften under your feet?
18. Do the birds save their prettiest songs for your ears?
19. Does inspiration follow you around like a lost puppy?
20. Or does it just seem that way?

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