Just about a year ago I set out on the road.” Unfortunately, the road has come to a fork and following Yogi Berra’s advice, I’m going to take it. Loyal followers of my blog (Hi, Mom!) are going to have to get their fiction fix elsewhere for a while. I’m grateful to everyone who’s stopped by to look and listen the last sixteen months. And, especially to anyone who commented, shared, or followed me.

I need to work on another project for a while.

My novel, The Goddess of Love, has reached a critical point. It’s not going to knock anyone off the bestseller list but I’m cautiously optimistic about its chances for publication. Serious time and attention to this novel is required. So I’m going to take a blogging hiatus.

Yesterday’s post is the last regularly scheduled one for a while. Once I finish the novel I plan to resume blogging. Until then, thanks again.

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