Between Jobs

When I say, “I’m between jobs” it’s predicated on the expectation that I’ll find gainful employment again at some point. I have no doubt I will. But…

It’s not just jobs I’m between, it’s realities. My last one ended and my new one hasn’t started yet. I’m groping my way through the dark space between them with my feet sinking in quicksand. This is no time for aimless flailing. That’s the surest way to get sucked under.

I started in my current line of work a long time ago and have hated every minute of it. Speaking of quicksand. It seems to me the best thing to do when you’ve lost your way is to retrace your steps and find some solid ground.

Did you ever get the feeling you’re out of sync with your own life? It’s like living in a poorly dubbed film. All the little ducks that used to be in a row are now just sitting there, at the mercy of the elements, going down one at a time. Humor. Perspective. Self-confidence. Honor. They’re just sitting on the pond, defenseless.

Work is one of the measurements we use to define ourselves. Who are you? What do you do? I’m between jobs. What do you want to do? Do you have enough time left to do what you want or is it already too late? I’m between jobs.

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