Broken Angel

“Either I’m too sensitive or else I’m getting soft.” – Bob Dylan

One of the great themes of classical poetry is the damsel in distress. Any kind of suffering is bad enough but contemplating the suffering of someone dear to your heart is almost unbearable. Even more so when you’re unable to do anything to alleviate it.  

A meditation on that particularly bitter form of disappointment was the inspiration for this song. That, and playing around with the rinky-dink riff.

Broken angel on the floor
What did you come here for?
Have I seen your face before?
Will I see it anymore?

Broken angel where’s your wings?
Where’s your pretty diamond ring?
First you showed me how to sing
Then you showed me everything

But there was always something about you
I couldn’t figure out
There’s always something about you

Broken angel I know why
Why you fell out of the sky
I can see it in your eyes
And I know they never lie

There was always something about you
I couldn’t figure out
There’s still something about you

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