West Point Sketchbook

This is a really short sketchbook because it only has one sketch. I wasn’t in West Point, Orange County, NY, USA, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way for very long but I defy anyone to set foot on the campus of the United States Military Academy there and not come away impressed. This guy, and some of his fellow eagles, stand guard on the parapets overlooking the Zulu Time rooftop bar at the Thayer Hotel on campus.

Both Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant studied there (the academy, not the bar) and their armies killed a combined total of 750,000 Americans. An impressive feat, no matter how you slice it.

Another thing those two men had in common, and share with just about every other man and woman in the long gray line, is a sincere dedication to duty, to honor, to loyalty, and to sacrifice, including the supreme sacrifice: to give your life so that other people can live a better, safer one. The only proper tribute, in my mind, to such people is to create a world in which their level of sacrifice is no longer required. It is our honorable, even sacred, duty to make such people, and their institution, obsolete.

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