This party has got to end

This party has got to end After I bandage up this kid I think this party has got to end Remember me? I’ve got to bandage up this kid I think This party has got to end After I bandage up this kid Remember me? I think I remember If I bandage up this kidContinue reading “This party has got to end”

The Place Where No One Else Goes

I I went to the place where no one else goes and though it was lonely, that is to be expected. What caught me with my pants down was just how cold emptiness is. So cold I couldn’t tell if I was frozen or burnt or if I just didn’t love all the way anymore.Continue reading “The Place Where No One Else Goes”

Where the Oysters were Poisoned

I We looked at the past – at lamps, rivers, and drawings – and imagined the future they’d bring. We traveled down highways, up mountains, down waves and found ourselves in the place we had once called our home. II We called to the captain, “Change your course! We’re heading for the end of theContinue reading “Where the Oysters were Poisoned”

The silence that Tuesday night brings

I I went to the place where blisters were blooming on fingers that felt pride in putting them there. A woman named Mary provided a fishbowl, a backdrop for dreamers, and pint after pint. There were masters of melody, rakers of rhythm, and teller of tales about freight trains and fears. It’s easier to listenContinue reading “The silence that Tuesday night brings”