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  • Day 54

    Day 54 – Total confirmed cases in US: 1,256,972 For my penultimate plague diary, I wrote a diatribe about Trump, his supporters, and the Republican Party, but decided against posting that. And I’ll tell you why… I have been intermittently studying the philosophies of Stoicism and Taoism. They have quite an overlap for schools of […]

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  • The Impossible Piece

    The Stoics say, “the obstacle is the path” and that is a good observation for writers to learn. Sometimes a story is just a pile of pieces that don’t fit together, or more like a puzzle that you know fits together – because you trust the people who manufacture the product – but you can’t […]

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  • In The Morning

    “In the morning when you rise unwillingly, let this thought be present – I am rising to the work of a human being. Why wouldn’t I be satisfied to do the things I exist for and for which I was brought into the world?  Or was I made for this, to lie in bed and […]

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