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  • Subtle Subversions

    Subtle Subversions

    My first exposure to Microscope Gallery came in 2014 when I attended the exhibit Kissing Point by Peggy Ahwesh. You can read my review of that show here. A lot has changed in the intervening years, including the location of the gallery, that moved from its space in Bushwick to its new home at 525 […]

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  • I found a hair…

    I found a hair on a book she read and knew it must be hers Long and blonde with just a couple of curls I thought I had lost it to the breeze when I saw it again Clinging to the condensation on the side of a beer bottle That temporary ornamental covering of her […]

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  • …2019

    Like all new years, 2019 dawns with limitless  promise and if the past is any guide 2019, like 2018, will end with most of those promises unfulfilled. It is the few that will be filled that provide hope for our dreams. Fear of the unknown causes so many problems, but their solutions also lie in […]

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  • CitySketch: Pomona

    Pomona by Nicolas Fouche, circa 1700 Across a street that is more like a driveway to the Plaza Hotel stands this statue of Pomona, the Roman goddess of fruit trees, orchards, and gardens.  Pomona is one of the few Roman deities who doesn’t have a Greek counterpart. She stands on top of the Pulitzer Fountain […]

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  • Michelangelo’s David

    “I saw the angel in the stone and I carved until I set it free.” Michelangelo If you have a few extra minutes this holiday, I would be thankful if you spend it reading my piece on Michelangelo’s David in ARTpublika magazine.    

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