Music 101: Passion

Music is like sex in a lot of ways. Both are forms of communication that transcend words. Both push the limits of how much fun a person can have. And a good sense of rhythm provides greater pleasure to your partner/audience. Recording is like romantic love. You should take your time to make sure youContinue reading “Music 101: Passion”

The Light

We see ourselves through the eyes of those we love.  We are bound to like some of the things we see and dislike others.  We see our character flaws in their eyes as clearly as we see our physical ones in a mirror. Did you ever notice how much better people look in direct sunlight?  ThereContinue reading “The Light”

Review: Regina Spektor at Radio City Music Hall

“This is how it worksYou’re young until you’re notYou love until you don’tYou try until you can’tYou laugh until you cryYou cry until you laughAnd everyone must breatheUntil their dying breath”  – Regina Spektor   Regina Spektor’s show at Radio City Music Hall last Saturday was unique in a number of ways. For one thing,Continue reading “Review: Regina Spektor at Radio City Music Hall”