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  • Pity The Nation

    Lawrence Ferlinghetti was 101 years old when he died last Monday. He was born in Yonkers but is considered a San Franciscan since he made that city his home for the last 7 decades of his life. His father died of a heart attack before he was born and his mother was committed to a…

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  • Saturday with Shakespeare

    I think it was Shakespeare who first transcribed the immortal question: You want a beer? Or maybe the question was only implied by the imploring eyes of his portrait. As if, on cracking open a cold bottle of beer and taking a healthful gulp, he thinks: Is this the last one? And, if so, the…

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  • The Wall I Didn’t Want To Build

    The wall I didn’t want to build is rising between us anyway brick by brick by brick I didn’t realize until recently that I don’t need to intend you harm to do you harm As soon as i learned how i started making the mortar the bricks have always been here The skin of my…

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  • New York’s Best Emerging Poets 2019

    Happy to have my poem “Drawing” included along with so many other great writers from the Empire State in New York’s Best Emerging Poets 2019 Anthology. For the poetry lovers on your holiday shopping list you can pick up a copy from the good people at Z Publishing.

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  • The punishment

    How shall man punish them that have injured him? Let him do them a good turn and make them ashamed in their hearts. – Thiruvalluvar  

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