I’m Not Afraid (live)

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s noticed that these are kind of dark times in some ways. There’s a lot of anger and hate in the air, you can feel it, people are…everybody seems like they’re pissed off. I hear people yelling on the streets, at each other, and it can be discouraging,Continue reading “I’m Not Afraid (live)”

The 20 greatest breakup songs ever – ranked! — Music | The Guardian

On the 40th anniversary of Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive topping the charts – and as the UK blunders towards its own acrimonious divorce – here’s the definitive list of tear-stained stonkersHip-hop isn’t big on romantic heartbreak, but this is a particularly fine example. There’s a lot of bragging from Guru about how he’s so… viaContinue reading “The 20 greatest breakup songs ever – ranked! — Music | The Guardian”

DEMO: She Comes To Me

She comes to me in silent dreams When there’s nothing to say She comes to me in whispers That take my breath away She comes to me with questions Whose answers break my heart She comes to me with nothing That she makes a work of art I hear her in the silenceI see herContinue reading “DEMO: She Comes To Me”

Demo: They Were Together

He was a good man trying to be strongHonest as the day is longBut you could see where he was going wrong She was a good woman to keep in mindYou won’t see many of her kindYou’ve got to be quick or you’ll get left behind They were together every dayThey were together every wayTheyContinue reading “Demo: They Were Together”