The words we were afraid to say…

Nothing that elicits or inspires desire Is welcome in the place anymore The wind that you hear crying Isn’t crying out of hope or need The hottest we can get is warm But there is no bottom to the cold cold cold cold The impossible, that became the unthinkable, Became the impractical before becoming theContinue reading “The words we were afraid to say…”

These are the voices…

These are the voices we hear in solitude: Confusions of reality Desires that go against our nature Manufactured importance Lies told with unblinking eyes These are the voices we cannot hear: A call to lay down all arms The silence of integrity Ghosts of passions that will not die Truth in the teeth of aContinue reading “These are the voices…”


I came across this beautiful creature, a Mandarin duck, in Central Park yesterday. The accompanying poem, by F.W. Harvey, was written while the poet was a prisoner during the first World War. The inspiration for it came from a drawing of ducks on water that another prisoner had scratched out in chalk on the wallContinue reading “Ducks”

Respect Others

Go Slowly The sign says “Respect Others.” It sounds easy enough  but that all depends on how you define “others.” This is not the first time a direction that sounds easy in theory  becomes difficult in practice. Do you feel disrespected? A lot of us do, for a simple reason: We are disrespected. Most ofContinue reading “Respect Others”

Dublin and New Orleans

This world is crowded with beauty that is scattered across its surface in uneven proportions, from mountaintops to deserts, from coral reefs to savannahs to jungles dripping with color, light, and life. The most beautiful place to me is my home: New York City, and I’m drawn to cities all over the globe. Two ofContinue reading “Dublin and New Orleans”