The Parable of the Boy and the Balloon

  There once was a boy who was at peace with the world. No, really. He knew love and joy on an intimate basis. They were his constant companions. Bosom buddies, even. The boy was out walking one day when he came across a shiny red balloon whose string was tangled in a thicket ofContinue reading “The Parable of the Boy and the Balloon”

The Woven Tale Press

My short piece The Parable of the Matador and the Juggler was published this week in The Woven Tale Press (Volume II, Issue 6). You can follow the link to view this impressive magazine filled with writing, photography and artwork or you can check out the embedded version in the right sidebar of this blog.

The Parable of the Matador and the Juggler

There once was a man who learned how to juggle.  He found joy in the act of bringing flight to inanimate objects and comfort in the fact that he was performing an activity with no practical application.  It brought peace to his wandering mind and pleasure to stray audiences. The juggler’s father was a hard-workingContinue reading “The Parable of the Matador and the Juggler”