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  • What is love?

    Twenty-nine years ago today the law finally caught up with us after a decade on the lam. The commitment forged by my love for Nancy, and hers for me, became a legally binding one in the time-honored ceremony known as marriage. We made our declarations in front of our dear family and friends, and asked…

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  • Funeral For A Friend

    I thought a friend of mine had died and one of my first thoughts was of this song. It turns out he’s not dead, at least not as far as I know, though he seemed pretty committed to self-destruction last time I saw him. I hope you’re doing OK, Ecnerret. This song kick’s off Elton…

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  • Long As I Can See The Light – Mike’s Musical Monday

    I caught up with some old friends last week. My favorites were a pair of women, now in their eighties, who’ve been friends since they were little girls and still take joy in making each other smile with their old stories. Another old friend stayed with me for a few days trying to find some…

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