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  • Compulsions


    There are things we do because we want to do them Others because we feel an obligation And then there are things we do without knowing why we do them, because we feel compelled. There is an article of faith in schools of philosophy and spirituality that says the path to freedom and enlightenment comes…

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  • Observations – Track 8

    Track 8 – Keep Your Eyes Wide The last song on the album is also the last one I wrote for this collection. It was written in the early days of the pandemic, when I was seriously quarantining. I didn’t leave the building for months. All the horrors of disease and death were so close…

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  • Observations – Track 7

    Track 7 – Bad One afternoon, around 3:00, I was home alone, with that weird combination of boredom and anxiety that rears its head on the lost days, and as I popped open a beer I thought, I know it’s bad, baby Baby, I know it’s bad I mean no harm but I know people…

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  • Observations – Track 6

    Track 6 – I Love You So Bad It Hurts I probably like this song more than it deserves. Most of the things I like have that effect on me. I particularly enjoy the way that the last line of each verse repeats the first line but from a slightly different perspective. I also like…

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  • Observations – Track 5

    Track 5 – Magdalena This is not a song about Mary Magdalene, unless it is to you. Who am I to tell you what this song is about? To me, it’s about missing someone or something that was probably never more than a vague dream. Or something that was real but is gone now, living…

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