Tag: mixed media

  • Day 27

    Day 27 – Total confirmed cases in US: 501,680 …and on on the 27th day, despair rested… I have a buoyant spirit. It can’t be held down for very long. It gravitates toward inspiration Sadness comes, of its course, to everyone. A person we love dies, or moves away, or doesn’t love us back, or […]

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  • Let it burn

    The world shrinks And life expands It’s funny the way things work Everything we go through Gives us a new chance to learn Everything is fuel Let it burn

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  • Take A Walk

    Over the last century our species figured out, finally, how to overcome the force of gravity and take to the skies, and even to the great mysterious space beyond our atmosphere. With the internal combustion engine we already had motorized transportation that we measured in horsepower. In the centuries before the last we built chariots, […]

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  • Lamplight

    “When the world slips slow to darkness, when the office fire burns lower, My heart goes out to Rouen, Rouen all the world away; When other men remember, I remember our Adventure And the trains that go from Rouen at the ending of the day.” May Wedderburn Cannan They call her the forgotten female poet […]

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  • Blue and black and blue

    Once everything was golden Even the path ahead But we’ve been down this way before Blue and black and blue If I knew there was no hope I could pull the plug But hope is born in the darkest hours Blue and black and blue

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