I Love You So Bad It Hurts (LIVE)

The second song I played at an open mic recently is one of my favorite originals of the past few years. Musically, it’s a simple progression that’s made a little fresher by putting a capo on the 10th fret so that the guitar almost sounds like a mandolin. Lyrically, each verse repeats the first lineContinue reading “I Love You So Bad It Hurts (LIVE)”

Happy Valentine’s Day – Fools In Love

I was introduced to Joe Jackson’s music in my freshman year of college. A friend told me that he wrote better unrequited love songs than The Beatles. Being an obnoxious 18 year old Beatle freak I tossed my friend’s Joe Jackson cassette out the dorm window.    My friend was right, of course. As heContinue reading “Happy Valentine’s Day – Fools In Love”

Comes Love

Comes Loveis a jazz standard composed for the Broadway musical Yokel Boy, by Sam Stept, with lyrics by Lew Brown and Charles Tobias. The play debuted on July 6, 1939 at the Majestic Theatre on 44th Street and ran for 208 performances. The Phantom of the Opera is playing there now, and has been sinceContinue reading “Comes Love”

The Price I Pay

  Billy Bragg is a songwriter who follows in the footsteps of giants like Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, and Phil Ochs. Many of his songs dive into the guts of the working class, the poor, and the victims of capitalism, racism, and war.   This isn’t one of those songs. He’s also a geniusContinue reading “The Price I Pay”

Demo: They Were Together

He was a good man trying to be strongHonest as the day is longBut you could see where he was going wrong She was a good woman to keep in mindYou won’t see many of her kindYou’ve got to be quick or you’ll get left behind They were together every dayThey were together every wayTheyContinue reading “Demo: They Were Together”