When the wind is strong

When the wind is strong, The earth seems like someone’s kite. But as it is still high noon, Men notice that night is already there. The wind uses no words, But only frets as it swirls about. I think of the winds on other starts, Whether they could be friends together. On the earth, thereContinue reading “When the wind is strong”

I’ve changed completely

I’ve changed completely Yes I’m wearing the same tie as yesterday I’m as poor as yesterday As useless as yesterday Even so I’ve changed completely. Yes I’m wearing the same clothes as yesterday I’m as blind drunk as yesterday As clumsy as yesterday Even so I’ve changed completely Ah Faced with all the half smilesContinue reading “I’ve changed completely”


The name of this poem, written by Iku Takenaka (1904-1982), is Story: Quietly the cloud cast its shadow, Passing over avenues of trees, over ponds, over fields. Enduring both joy and sadness, the cloud silently drifted on… Then, above the sound of a single flute, the cloud stopped, Seeking the one who played: but thereContinue reading “Story”