We never will be done…

Every leaf on every branch of every tree in the forest dances to a different tune Every star that twinkles with a million-year-old light looks all the way into you Every bit of foam on every wave in every sea likes to know that you are here And every moment of a lifetime in eternityContinue reading “We never will be done…”

Cut Flowers

Not in blue vases theseNor white, cut flowers are seenBut in the August meadowsWhen the reaper falls clean —And the shining and ridged rowsOf cut stalks show to the eyeAs if some child’s hand thereHad ranged them, and passed byTo other rows, other swathes,Moondaisies, pimpernel,Eyebright, sorrel, the pathsAre shining, the heaps as well.Violets in spring,Continue reading “Cut Flowers”