It was the specificity of the dream that disturbed me most. Dreams, after all, are supposed to be wispy things, easily attributed to vague impressions and hungers of one sort or another. This one was different.
We were dancing, which was odd, as we were never much for dancing. Maybe the dancing symbolized something else. You know how dreams are. 

Your hair was bouncing in my face and I could smell it. I can smell it still: heavy with the warmth of your blood. 

Refugee from the Dreamworld

I am a refugee from the dreamworld
In this new home my wings don’t work
People here are suspicious of me
When I look at them, they look away
Artist: Cyril Rolando
I am a refugee from the dreamworld
Everything here makes too much sense
There is so little mystery
That I’m afraid to fall in love

Artist: Andre Masson
I am a refugee from the dreamworld
My old home has been blown to bits
People here use it for target practice
It only lives in my memory
Artist: Joan Miro

I am a refugee from the dreamworld

And I will never go home again
Home is a word that has no meaning here
My language has become extinct
Artist: Paul Nash

I am a refugee from the dreamworld

Maybe you are too
Tell me your story so I understand
Maybe we can build a new homeland

I Feel Unfamiliar

It’s getting hard to tell
Dreams from nightmares from reality
From “be careful what you wish” for
Or “you get what you deserve”
When the tide goes out on the oceans of sleep
And leaves me on morning’s sticky shore
I feel unfamiliar
Clutching at indescribable sensations
Just out of reach

She Would Be You

If I were to build a woman
from my dreams
she would be you
But we both know that dreams aren’t real
even when they do come true

Dreams don’t have to obey laws
like gravity or ticking time
There’s no law I wouldn’t break
when loving you becomes a crime

Love is not an empty word
an empty thought
an empty dream
Love is an unruly beast
that’s feeds on gold and gasoline

If I were to build a dream
and fill it up with
parts of you
We both know the dream will end
like you, my friend
and like me too