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  • On Balance

    Balance becomes measurably more valuable as you age. When you are young it is easier – even advantageous – to spin wildly beyond the reach of balance. It is exciting to feel the pull of assorted centers of gravity and if you fall, what is the worst that can happen? A bruise or cut that […]

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  • Wednesday

    When I travel I anticipate what each destination will be like before I get there. I imagine what each place will look like, sound like, smell like, and feel like. I am always wrong, which is part of the excitement of travelling. I have anticipated other things in life too: what it would be like […]

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  • That had been our heaven

    I We went to the place that had been our heaven when our bodies were ripe and the juices still flowed. We watched as our rivers became waterfalls and surrendered our voices to the roar. II We walked with a caution that bordered on cowardice and hid from the monsters that would tear us apart. […]

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  • The silence that Tuesday night brings

    I I went to the place where blisters were blooming on fingers that felt pride in putting them there. A woman named Mary provided a fishbowl, a backdrop for dreamers, and pint after pint. There were masters of melody, rakers of rhythm, and teller of tales about freight trains and fears. It’s easier to listen […]

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  • The Specter of Certain Death

    I The specter of certain death raises its head again but this time it’s as a punch line. We can share a laugh with nothing more than eye contact now. How could something as heartless as time perform such a sweet service? II The best of us have flaws while the worst carry the seeds […]

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