Citysketch: A saxophone in the park

I bought a sketchbook on my way to work yesterday and needed to break it in with a quick sketch. At lunch I went to Central Park and came across this man playing saxophone. It finally feels like winter has retreated and left behind hopes for better days ahead. The melody is All The Way, writtenContinue reading “Citysketch: A saxophone in the park”


I came across this beautiful creature, a Mandarin duck, in Central Park yesterday. The accompanying poem, by F.W. Harvey, was written while the poet was a prisoner during the first World War. The inspiration for it came from a drawing of ducks on water that another prisoner had scratched out in chalk on the wallContinue reading “Ducks”

CitySketch: Lamppost

There are 1,600 lampposts scattered across Central Park’s 843 acres. They were designed in 1980 by architects Gerald Allen and Kent Bloomer, to replace the original electric lamps that were designed in 1910 by Henry Bacon, architect of the Lincoln Memorial. The Landmarks Commission held hearings to decide if the lamps would be of modernContinue reading “CitySketch: Lamppost”

CitySketch: The Dairy

I made a quick sketch of the Dairy in Central Park and was going to write a post about its history but found that Tom Miller had beaten me to it on his Daytonian inManhattan blog: In 1853, the same year that the New York State Legislature set aside more than 750 acres to createContinue reading “CitySketch: The Dairy”